Best Assist Fundraiser

Monarch High School
Girls Soccer

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  Monarch Girls Soccer 

Best Assist Fundraiser

The 2018 season for the Monarch Girls Soccer team is now..... 

We are asking for your assistance to raise money for some much needed equipment and team wish list.

Please assist us in making our Goal.  

  • New Nets / Goals
  • Training Soccer Balls
  • Game Balls
  • Coaching and Training Items
  • Video Equipment

Kimberlee Le

Good luck Ar...  

Jim Gunnerso...

Good luck Gr...  

Jenifer Morg...

Good luck, G...  

Betty Sebeni...

Go, Annie  


Good Luck An...  

Jennifer and...

Good luck, M...  

Ed C


Greenland Pr...

For Maria Al...  

Joanne Blom


Bart McGuire

Support for ...  

Rhoda and Ir...

Good luck Mo...  

Barb and Ste...

Happy to sup...  

Dennis and F...

You G0 Girls...  

Gracie Sain

Good Luck Ma...  

Anne Luke

Good luck Gr...  

Scott Schnee

Hi Mollie Be...  

Diana Walley

Good luck!  

Kimber Good




Steve Sain


Cindy McGui...

Go Isa!  

Shari Schnee


Nancy and Ja...

Best wishes ...  


Good Luck!  

Alex Rothack...


Janis Brams

Wishing you ...  

Jonathan Sch...


Anne Callend...

You girls RO...  

Fran and Har...

Mollie, Good...  

Bob Luke


Jack Holland

Go Sammie!  

Deborah Holl...


Carol Robins

Keep up the ...  

Nancy Loehr

Good luck As...  

Christy and ...

Go Monarch!!...  

Hilary Walla...

Go Monarch a...  

Steve & Lind...


Betsy Consol...

Have a great...  


Go Monarch!  

Mary Ann McD...

Go get ‘em...  

Ligia Blanco

Go Monarch  

Judy Florey

Go Addie and...  

Cathy Hall


Bill and Pat...

Hope this he...  

Suzanne Deit...

Go Monarch!!...  

Reddy Kenned...

Way to go gi...  

Shawn Stark


Joey and Dia...




Liz and Doug...

Sko Yotes  

Mollie Field


Janice Hardi...


Cote Funes


Kelly and Je...



Good luck !  

Greg Egner

Go Team!  

Tammy Morgan

Lily Morgan  

Brian Field


Jamie and Me...


Jenn Trujill...

Anna Trujill...  


Meow Bella!  

Join our growing list of donors!

Jasper,- $ 100.00

Meow Bella!

Shari Schnee,- $ 75.00

Anonymous,- $ 100.00

Jenn Trujillo,- $ 100.00

Anna Trujillo

Jamie and Megan Morgan,- $ 100.00

Brian Field,- $ 100.00

Tammy Morgan,- $ 100.00

Lily Morgan

Greg Egner,- $ 100.00

Go Team!

Dieter,- $ 100.00

Good luck !

Kelly and Jeff Blake,- $ 25.00

Cote Funes,- $ 100.00

Tewalt-Castro is my favorite coaching combo ever

Janice Hardie,- $ 100.00

Mollie Field,- $ 300.00

Liz and Doug McCarthy,- $ 200.00

Sko Yotes

Anonymous,- $ 250.00

Joey and Diana McDonald,- $ 300.00

Shawn Stark,- $ 100.00

Reddy Kennedy,- $ 25.00

Way to go girls,

Suzanne Deitsch,- $ 300.00

Go Monarch!!!!

Betsy Console,- $ 25.00

Have a great season, Katie and all the MHS team!

Mary Ann McDonald,- $ 50.00

Go get ‘em, girls! #girlpower

Ligia Blanco,- $ 40.00

Go Monarch

Bill and Pat McDonald,- $ 50.00

Hope this helps for a winning team!! Love you❤️❤️

Judy Florey,- $ 50.00

Go Addie and Monarch!

Cathy Hall,- $ 50.00

Jill,- $ 100.00

Go Monarch!

Hilary Wallace,- $ 150.00

Go Monarch and have fun girls!

Christy and Dan,- $ 25.00

Go Monarch!!!

Steve & Linda Fry,- $ 40.00

Diana Walley,- $ 100.00

Good luck!

Kimber Good,- $ 25.00

Nancy Loehr,- $ 50.00

Good luck Ashton!! Grandma and Grandpa

Carol Robins,- $ 50.00

Keep up the good work, Iz!

Alex Rothacker,- $ 100.00

Deborah Holland,- $ 300.00

Jack Holland,- $ 200.00

Go Sammie!

Bart McGuire,- $ 50.00

Support for Isa.

Cindy McGuire,- $ 50.00

Go Isa!

Anne Luke,- $ 100.00

Good luck Grace

Anonymous,- $ 25.00

Good Luck!

Anne Callender,- $ 50.00

You girls ROCK!

Jenifer Morgan,- $ 100.00

Good luck, Grace!

Kimberlee Le,- $ 200.00

Good luck Ari!!!!

Jim Gunnerson,- $ 200.00

Good luck Grace!

Bob Luke,- $ 250.00

Betty Sebenik,- $ 100.00

Go, Annie

Anonymous,- $ 100.00

Good Luck Annie!

Rhoda and Irwin Blake,- $ 50.00

Good luck Mollie and team!

Dennis and Fran Frusciano,- $ 50.00

You G0 Girls!

Barb and Steve Knafel,- $ 100.00

Happy to support such great girls!

Gracie Sain,- $ 25.00

Good Luck Madison

Nancy and Jack,- $ 100.00

Best wishes to Monarch Girls Soccer

Fran and Harris Alper,- $ 25.00

Mollie, Good luck to you and your teammates. Aunt Fran and Uncle Harris

Janis Brams,- $ 36.00

Wishing you a wonderful season Mollie...Uncle Mike and I are cheering you on!

Jonathan Schnee,- $ 25.00

Joanne Blom,- $ 35.00

Jennifer and Kevin Niemeyer,- $ 50.00

Good luck, Mollie!

Scott Schnee,- $ 100.00

Hi Mollie Best of luck this season! Uncle Scott

Greenland Property Maintenence,- $ 100.00

For Maria Alder

Ed C,- $ 50.00

Steve Sain,- $ 100.00

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