MOHI Boys Soccer Assist

Monarch High School
Boys Soccer

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  MOHI Boys Soccer Assist

                      Go Coyotes!!!


Please Assist Us in Making Our Goal.   

We are asking for your assistance to raise money for much needed equipment and player gear. 

  • • Refresh Team Uniforms
  • • NEW Training & Match Balls
  • • NEW Coaching and Training Items
  • • Various Field Equipment as Needed.


Kelly Majure

have a great...  

The Sternber...

'Sko Yotes!  

Flora family


Jean and Joh...

Good luck Da...  

Ian Elverson

From Jake's ...  

Cruz Sáenz



Have a great...  

Barbara Gold...

Have fun on ...  


Go Jake E! I...  

Ian Elverson


Phil and Lor...

Go Cole! Wi...  

The Heinritz...

Good Luck to...  

Christina Le...

Have a great...  



Luis Lopez-A...

Go, go, goâ€...  

Stephanie Or...


Lola De Rodr...

Good luck, g...  

Olatz Urrest...

Go for it, g...  

Brian Shalta...

Good luck th...  


Good luck bo...  

From Brecken...

Go Boys!!  

Martha & Don...

Have a terri...  

Maria Nerea ...


John Samuels...

From John & ...  

Jay and Kris...

Good luck wi...  

Maria Nerea ...



Go Yotes!  

Sue Heinritz

Good Luck Ch...  

Shelly Kogli...


Tracy Gouker


Jennifer Con...

Have fun pla...  

Max Heinritz

Best of luck...  

Todd Majoris

Good Luck Ch...  

The Heinritz...

good Luck Ch...  

The Heinritz...

Go Coyotes a...  

Jeff Mitchel...

Go Coyotes, ...  

Kristina Ste...

Good luck!  

Orlando Chir...

Go Get um Q  

Craig and Al...


Kristen Bryn...


Whitney Adam...


Lisa Citarel...


Dave Edwards

Edwards Fami...  

Hubbard Fami...

Sko Yotes!  


Best of Luck...  

Brian Egaas




Christy Ryan


Alicia Mahon...


John Salzman


Seth Heine

Go Coyotes!!  



Ondrej Pilik


Soccer Enthu...



Keep at it b...  

Soccer Enthu...


Carrie Volpe...


Ted Barber


Christina Be...


Ann Marie Yo...


Join our growing list of donors!

Ann Marie Younce,- $ 100.00

Christina Becktold,- $ 50.00

Ted Barber,- $ 75.00


Carrie Volpecv,- $ 20.00


Cruz Sáenz,- $ 100.00

Soccer Enthusiast,- $ 100.00

Soccer Enthusiast,- $ 20.00

Sprenger’s,- $ 100.00

Keep at it boys! :)

Seth Heine,- $ 50.00

Go Coyotes!!

Ondrej Pilik,- $ 50.00

Catherine,- $ 100.00

John Salzman,- $ 200.00

Alicia Mahoney,- $ 300.00

Christy Ryan,- $ 150.00

Ehlerte,- $ 100.00

Brian Egaas,- $ 100.00

Shelly Koglin,- $ 20.00

Samuelson,- $ 100.00

Best of Luck boys!

Hubbard Family,- $ 200.00

Sko Yotes!

Orlando Chiropractic,- $ 200.00

Go Get um Q

Dave Edwards,- $ 100.00

Edwards Family, go Monarch!

Lisa Citarella,- $ 100.00

Whitney Adams,- $ 100.00

Craig and Alicia Miller,- $ 100.00

Kristen Brynestad,- $ 100.00

Kristina Steffen,- $ 20.00

Good luck!

Jeff Mitchell,- $ 100.00

Go Coyotes, Go Danny!

The Heinritz Family,- $ 20.00

Go Coyotes and Charlie! Love, Debbie and John

The Heinritz Family,- $ 50.00

good Luck Charlie! love Gigi and Zedu

Todd Majoris,- $ 50.00

Good Luck Charlie & Team

Max Heinritz,- $ 50.00

Best of luck!

Jennifer Constable,- $ 50.00

Have fun playing!

Neil,- $ 50.00

Go Yotes!

Jay and Kristen Funderburk,- $ 50.00

Good luck with the fundraising!

Sue Heinritz,- $ 25.00

Good Luck Charlie! love, Grandma Sue

Tracy Gouker,- $ 75.00

Brian Shaltakoff CPA PLLC,- $ 500.00

Good luck this year!

From Breckenridge,- $ 50.00

Go Boys!!

Martha & Don Skinner,- $ 50.00

Have a terrific season !!

Maria Nerea Basterra,- $ 25.00

Maria Nerea Basterra,- $ 25.00

Anonymous,- $ 100.00

Good luck boys. Have a great season

John Samuelson,- $ 100.00

From John & Linda Samuelson--Aubrey, John & Ava Samuelson's Grandparents. Go Coyotes!

Stephanie Orlando,- $ 100.00

Olatz Urresti,- $ 25.00

Go for it, guys!

Lola De Rodrigo,- $ 30.00

Good luck, guys!

Luis Lopez-Abadia Rodrigo,- $ 100.00

Go, go, go…!

Christina Lee,- $ 100.00

Have a great season Coyotes!

The Heinritz Family,- $ 100.00

Good Luck to the soccer team!!

Julia,- $ 20.00

Kelly Majure,- $ 50.00

have a great season Charlie! Sko' Yotes!

Jean and John Nobens,- $ 40.00

Good luck Danny!!!

Flora family,- $ 100.00

The Sternberg Family,- $ 100.00

'Sko Yotes!

Ian Elverson,- $ 100.00

From Jake's grandmother

Ian Elverson,- $ 20.00

Phil and Lori Merten,- $ 50.00

Go Cole! Wishing you and the JV Team a great season!!

Janet,- $ 100.00

Go Jake E! I'm proud of you!!

Barbara Goldstein,- $ 20.00

Have fun on the JV team. So proud of you. Love, Nana


Have a great season! Love, Mom

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