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Boulder High School

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  Boulder Football Email Campaign Fundraiser

~ Please Help Us to Make Our Goal ~ Go Panthers!!!!!!!!

Help Us Kick Off the 2018 Season

Your donations will provide the team with the following:

~ Game Day Video Assistance

~ State of the Art Equipment 

      Helmets, Shoulder Pads, Workout Equipment,Training Devices and Coaches PD

Replace Missing Jerseys

Scholarship Packages for Students in Need

~ Team Meals, Hydration and Nutrition

~ Unexpected Season Expenses

                   ~  Thank you for your Generosity ~


Eric Boss ...  

Chuck Janece...

Go Panthers!  

Eric Olmsted

Grant Olmste...  

Bea Lingenfe...

Hi Luke, Go ...  

John McCarve...


Chris Werpy


Todd and Kje...


Ron Harvey

Good luck, D...  

Maya Turner


Eric Pringle


Beth Steinme...

Go Panthers!  

Mark Henkin

Have a good ...  

Brooke Davis...

Go Panthers!  

Brian and Kr...

Good Luck Pa...  

Emma Molz

Get 'em, Jac...  


Go Panthers!  

Bud Clifford

Go Torrance  



Beth Steinme...


Rob Elliot


Joe Kunkel

Enjoy the se...  

Art Caruso

Go Jaden and...  

Raymond Kunk...

Go Panthers  

Robin McCurd...

Have a great...  

Dick Kasten

go jake  

Bess Zana

Good luck Lu...  

Monica Meili...

Go Devin! Go...  

Mary Beth




Gabriel Fuqu...

Kick butt!  

Heidi Misch

Have a great...  

Sally Steinm...


Mike Carr

Good luck!  

Jake Carr

Have a great...  

Lindsey Carr


Greg Smith

Go Panthers!  

Greg Tucker

Best wishes ...  

Eric Newton

Good Luck Th...  

Ave Perrino

Hope you hav...  

Mikey Gougle...

Go Kyra!  

Domenica Ort...

Go Dominick!...  

Linda Barnes

Go Kyra!  

Mike Gougler

Kyra Run!  



Alisha Cohen

Truce, you a...  


Harrison, I ...  


Have a great...  

Nancy Travis


Teresa ellbo...

Go Panthers!  

Barbara Leon...


Nick Mayers


Debbie Maier

Go Panthers!  

Nancy Chiu

Have a great...  

Marry Thavan...


Tiffany Omea...

Have a great...  

Ellen Bosser...

Wow Erich! N...  

Lisa Taylor

Good luck wi...  

Mike Carr

Go Devin!  

Anne Garcia

Good luck Ju...  

Mario Vargas

Go Daniel! ...  

Delaney Real...

Go git em yo...  

Dam Reinhard...




John Whitema...


Bob Stark

Have fun Tru...  

Joanna Georg...

As a former ...  

Jack Cleveng...

Good luck  

Terry Snyder

Have a gre...  

Dorothy Newt...

Go Torr!  



Amy Larson




Toby Reed


Ryan Barnes

Go Kyra  

Susan Kandyb...

Good luck, D...  

Rosemary Fox

Have a great...  

Tom Hopson

Let us know ...  

Sonya Leonar...


Tom Auch

All the way ...  

Richelle Mun...


Bob Kunze



Go Boulder!  

Terry Maher

Go get 'em  


Have a great...  

Steve and Ch...




Greg Naber


Dawn McCarth...


Bill Stark

Remember thi...  

Helen Mckeow...


Laura Coates


Larissa Orti...

Have a great...  

Jamie Fenton



Go panthers!  

Chris Mechel...

Have a good ...  

Philip May

Go Panthers!  


So proud of ...  

Joel Maron

Dylan, stay ...  

Carrye Krueg...


Amy Reichlin

Go JJ!  

Cathy bukows...

Good luck!  


Go Panthers!...  

Kim Walters


Terry Davis

Good Luck Ty...  

Meena Keuer

Good luck wi...  

Bill and Ann...

Have fun, Da...  

Andrea Barsc...

Welcome to B...  

Shannon Benn...




Lisa Norton

Have a great...  


Go Jaden!! ...  

Bill Cline

Go Kayden!  


Go Maddie!  

James Mazzio


Stephen Ihno...

Go Boulder!  

Candy Cleven...

Play well pl...  

Anthony Aren...

Have a great...  

Azella Metzg...

Way to go, K...  


Go Dane! Bri...  

Jon Crisp

go panthers-...  

Jon Rue


Kevin Kinney

Go Wiley  

Julia Larson

Go TyTy!!  

Beau Stark




Cathy Brown


Anna Tepedel...

Go Panthers!  

Cabot Brown

Have a great...  

Kristen Solo...

Go Wiley!  

Mike Marlowe


Kris Anderso...

Let the Seas...  

Heidi Ralyea

Go BHS!!  

krista murdo...

Have a great...  


Have a great...  

Kimberly Van...

Good luck Pa...  

Catherine Po...


Catherine Po...


Catherine Po...



Go Dylon Z ...  


Have a great...  

Cindy Ayon

Have a great...  

Noel Culbers...

Includes don...  

Bob Nesbit

and when it'...  

Dan and Rhon...

Go Panthers!  

Jane Liddell

Go Panthers!  

Sarah Schupp


Kelly Omeara

Have a great...  


Good luck on...  



Kevin Reichl...


Mary Jo Barb...


Gary Peterso...

Proud to be ...  

Mark Veregg

Go Daniel!!  

Mark Veregg

Go Clay!!!  

Jennifer Pri...

Go Panthers!  

Tom O’brie...

Matt Mccarth...  

John Schwan

Play Hard!  

Kirsten Wrig...

Good Luck Wi...  

Cristina Bou...

Have an awes...  

Sue Lynch


Michael Lync...


Sue Bennett

Go Panthers ...  

Mark Olmsted

Grant, We a...  

Audra Blackl...


Laura Pratt

Good luck th...  

Linda Brown  

Beth Burgess

Go Panthers!  

Bill Fung

Wishing you ...  


Good Luck D...  

Lynne Mcdoug...

Go Panthers!...  

John Hatch

Go Declan! G...  

Brad Lidge

Good luck! ...  

Kim Robison

Go Kayden!!!  

John Post


Melissa Klei...

Good luck th...  

Carlota Loya

Mucha suerte...  

Carlota Loya

Echale ganas...  


Jake be the ...  

Tori Standle...

Go Torrance!...  

Dick Reinhar...

Have a great...  


Zain- do you...  

Byron Arthur

From Gma & G...  

Dan Davis

Good luck th...  

Brenda Barr

Go Panthers!...  


Dylon, Hap...  

Ann Carr

Have a great...  

Mary Pilking...

have a great...  

Phil Steklen...


Jamathan Lyl...


Join our growing list of donors!

Jamathan Lyle,- $ 10.00

,- $ 50.00

Eric Boss Go Daniel!

Chuck Janecek,- $ 50.00

Go Panthers!

Eric Olmsted,- $ 50.00

Grant Olmsted own the gridiron! Aunt Kelly and Uncle Eric.

Phil Steklenski,- $ 50.00

Dan Davis,- $ 25.00

Good luck this season

Byron Arthur,- $ 50.00

From Gma & Gpa Arthur, proud of you Drake, have fun this season.

Mary Pilkington,- $ 25.00

have a great year Truce!!

Ann Carr,- $ 25.00

Have a great season, Devin! Uncle Jim, Ann & Kevin

,- $ 25.00

Linda Brown

Dick Reinhardt,- $ 100.00

Have a great year and be safe Erich. Sandi and Grandpa

Tori Standley Rebman,- $ 20.00

Go Torrance! Good luck!

Patty,- $ 25.00

Dylon, Happy you are part of the football team. Can’t wait to watch you play. Grandma

Brenda Barr,- $ 25.00

Go Panthers! Class of ‘87 Rules!

Dynelle,- $ 50.00

Zain- do your job and make everyone on the line do theirs too. Commitment to excellence starts with you by giving more than your best in every play. Make your work ethic contagious. Make hard work fun!!! Go Panthers!!!

Dynelle,- $ 100.00

Jake be the hardest working player on the field and bring your team with you!! Be a leader and dominate. Very proud of you!!! Go Panthers!!!

John Post,- $ 50.00

Melissa Klein,- $ 50.00

Good luck this season Wiley, and go panthers!

Carlota Loya,- $ 25.00

Echale ganas y espero que disfrutes de esta temporada deportiva.

Carlota Loya,- $ 25.00

Mucha suerte y que se divierten.

Kim Robison,- $ 30.00

Go Kayden!!!

Brad Lidge,- $ 200.00

Good luck! Kick some butts!

John Hatch,- $ 20.00

Go Declan! Go Panthers!

Lynne Mcdougal,- $ 25.00

Go Panthers! Go Erich!!

Beth Burgess,- $ 25.00

Go Panthers!

Wayne,- $ 75.00

Good Luck Dane

Bill Fung,- $ 50.00

Wishing you a fantastic season

Laura Pratt,- $ 20.00

Good luck this year!

Audra Blackledge,- $ 25.00

Adam,- $ 100.00

Mark Olmsted,- $ 100.00

Grant, We are so proud of you! Here's to a great season! Love, Uncle Mark & Aunt Gretchen

Sue Bennett,- $ 50.00

Go Panthers and Wiley!!!

Michael Lynch,- $ 25.00

Sue Lynch,- $ 25.00

Cristina Bouchta,- $ 30.00

Have an awesome season!!!

Kirsten Wright,- $ 50.00

Good Luck Willie and Saul. Can't wait to see you on the field.

John Schwan,- $ 100.00

Play Hard!

Tom O’brien,- $ 50.00

Matt Mccarthy from Gramps

Jennifer Pringle,- $ 25.00

Go Panthers!

Dan and Rhonda Gallagher,- $ 200.00

Go Panthers!

Mark Veregg,- $ 25.00

Go Clay!!!

Mark Veregg,- $ 25.00

Go Daniel!!

Gary Peterson,- $ 100.00

Proud to be part of this team and more proud of the goal they desire and deserve.

Mary Jo Barbeau,- $ 20.00

Kevin Reichlin,- $ 100.00

Scott,- $ 50.00

Good luck on your season, Taylor!

Kelly Omeara,- $ 50.00

Have a great season, Kayden!

Sarah Schupp,- $ 20.00

Jane Liddell,- $ 25.00

Go Panthers!

Bob Nesbit,- $ 100.00

and when it's all over we'll be in clover... Have fun Declan

Noel Culberson,- $ 160.00

Includes donation from Matt Richtel

Cindy Ayon,- $ 50.00

Have a great season Omar M.!

Steph,- $ 50.00

Have a great season!

Kevin,- $ 25.00

Go Dylon Z Run Like the Wind

Catherine Powers,- $ 10.00

Catherine Powers,- $ 10.00

Catherine Powers,- $ 10.00

Kimberly Vanauken,- $ 25.00

Good luck Panthers!

Niels,- $ 25.00

Have a great season Damian. Protect your noggin!

krista murdock,- $ 25.00

Have a great season Omar!

Heidi Ralyea,- $ 25.00

Go BHS!!

Kris Anderson,- $ 75.00

Let the Season begin

Mike Marlowe,- $ 25.00

Kristen Solomon,- $ 100.00

Go Wiley!

Cabot Brown,- $ 25.00

Have a great season!

Anna Tepedelen,- $ 150.00

Go Panthers!

Cathy Brown,- $ 25.00

Candy Clevenger,- $ 500.00

Play well play safe

Anonymous,- $ 100.00

Beau Stark,- $ 50.00

Julia Larson,- $ 25.00

Go TyTy!!

Kevin Kinney,- $ 25.00

Go Wiley

Jon Rue,- $ 100.00

Jon Crisp,- $ 100.00

go panthers-kick booty!!!

Madeleine,- $ 30.00

Go Dane! Bring the Panthers to victory! Mads

Azella Metzger,- $ 40.00

Way to go, Kyra!

Lisa Taylor,- $ 50.00

Good luck with your season!

Ellen Bossert,- $ 25.00

Wow Erich! Nice job working towards your goal. Have fun with football!

Anthony Arena,- $ 20.00

Have a great season Damian!

Stephen Ihnot,- $ 100.00

Go Boulder!

James Mazzio,- $ 150.00

Shannon,- $ 35.00

Go Maddie!

Bill Cline,- $ 50.00

Go Kayden!

Jason,- $ 35.00

Go Jaden!! Good luck to all the Panthers.

Lisa Norton,- $ 25.00

Have a great season William!

Anonymous,- $ 20.00

Shannon Bennett,- $ 80.00

Andrea Barsch,- $ 50.00

Welcome to BHS Luke Z! Here's to a great Panther season!

Bill and Ann Shamarock,- $ 30.00

Have fun, Daniel!

Meena Keuer,- $ 30.00

Good luck with your season, Danny! Go BHS!

Cathy bukowski,- $ 30.00

Good luck!

Larissa Ortiz,- $ 25.00

Have a great season!

Joanna Georgis,- $ 25.00

As a former BHS Panther I wish Truce and all the other kiddos the best of luck for their upcoming year.

Kim Walters,- $ 25.00

Frank,- $ 100.00

Go Panthers! Have a Great Season!

Terry Davis,- $ 200.00

Good Luck Ty! Uncle Peter and Aunt Terry

Amy Reichlin,- $ 25.00

Go JJ!

Carrye Krueger,- $ 25.00

Joel Maron,- $ 50.00

Dylan, stay well and give 'em hell. Have a great season!

Mariza,- $ 100.00

So proud of you!!! Love, Steve & Mariza Duncan

Philip May,- $ 50.00

Go Panthers!

Chris Mechels,- $ 25.00

Have a good season, Play safely.

Eve,- $ 50.00

Go panthers!

Jamie Fenton,- $ 25.00

Laura Coates,- $ 20.00

Helen Mckeown,- $ 25.00

Bill Stark,- $ 100.00

Remember this, Truce: "Success is peace of mind, which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to do your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming." (J.Wooden). Go Panthers!

Dawn McCarthy,- $ 50.00


Greg Naber,- $ 50.00

Kathy,- $ 100.00

Steve and Christina Ihnot,- $ 25.00

Carolynne,- $ 50.00

Have a great season, Fletcher! The Singermans

Terry Maher,- $ 25.00

Go get 'em

Jim,- $ 75.00

Go Boulder!

Bob Kunze,- $ 10.00

Nick Mayers,- $ 100.00

Emma Molz,- $ 40.00

Get 'em, Jack!! Good luck on a great season.

Brian and Kristy Westnedge,- $ 25.00

Good Luck Panthers!

Todd and Kjelle Molz,- $ 50.00

Tom Hopson,- $ 40.00

Let us know your schedule, so we can catch some of the home games!

Rosemary Fox,- $ 25.00

Have a great season!

Susan Kandyba,- $ 20.00

Good luck, Daniel!

Richelle Munkhoff,- $ 50.00

Tom Auch,- $ 25.00

All the way from Traverse City Mi !

Sonya Leonard,- $ 20.00

Ryan Barnes,- $ 500.00

Go Kyra

Toby Reed,- $ 50.00

Alan,- $ 200.00

Amy Larson,- $ 75.00

Megan,- $ 5.00

Dorothy Newton,- $ 50.00

Go Torr!

Terry Snyder,- $ 25.00

Have a great season!

Jack Clevenger,- $ 300.00

Good luck

Bob Stark,- $ 25.00

Have fun Truce

John Whiteman,- $ 50.00

Anonymous,- $ 40.00

Dam Reinhardt,- $ 100.00

Delaney Realty Group,- $ 50.00

Go git em you beast!

Mario Vargas,- $ 60.00

Go Daniel! Proud of you! Uncle Mario

Anne Garcia,- $ 25.00

Good luck Junior! We are all rooting for you :)

Mike Carr,- $ 300.00

Go Devin!

Tiffany Omeara,- $ 25.00

Have a great season Kayden...I know your are stoked and will do great things!

Marry Thavanthana,- $ 100.00

Nancy Chiu,- $ 25.00

Have a great season Truce!

Debbie Maier,- $ 25.00

Go Panthers!

Barbara Leonard,- $ 200.00

Teresa ellbogen,- $ 100.00

Go Panthers!

Nancy Travis,- $ 25.00

Katie,- $ 25.00

Have a great season! - Mrs. Volkmar

Ellen,- $ 100.00

Harrison, I hope you and your team have a wonderful season. Namer

Alisha Cohen,- $ 20.00

Truce, you are truly an inspiration! Have an awesome year and have a blast playing football! :) Mrs. Cohen (Your First grade teacher)

Carol,- $ 50.00

Mike Gougler,- $ 100.00

Kyra Run!

Linda Barnes,- $ 50.00

Go Kyra!

Domenica Ortega,- $ 50.00

Go Dominick!!

Mikey Gougler,- $ 50.00

Go Kyra!

Ave Perrino,- $ 100.00

Hope you have a great season!

Eric Newton,- $ 50.00

Good Luck This Season!

Greg Tucker,- $ 25.00

Best wishes for your season. Have fun!!

Greg Smith,- $ 200.00

Go Panthers!

Lindsey Carr,- $ 100.00

Jake Carr,- $ 100.00

Have a great season!

Mike Carr,- $ 100.00

Good luck!

Sally Steinmetz,- $ 50.00

Heidi Misch,- $ 50.00

Have a great season Luke Z!

Gabriel Fuqua,- $ 20.00

Kick butt!

Stuart,- $ 25.00

Mary Beth,- $ 250.00

Monica Meilinger,- $ 25.00

Go Devin! Go Boulder!

Bess Zana,- $ 25.00

Good luck Luke and Panthers!

Dick Kasten,- $ 25.00

go jake

Robin McCurdy,- $ 25.00

Have a great season Luke!

Raymond Kunkel,- $ 1,000.00

Go Panthers

Art Caruso,- $ 150.00

Go Jaden and Boulder high!!

Joe Kunkel,- $ 50.00

Enjoy the season, Devin!

Rob Elliot,- $ 75.00

Maya Turner,- $ 500.00

Beth Steinmetz,- $ 50.00

TANJA LESKI,- $ 75.00

Bud Clifford,- $ 25.00

Go Torrance

Ken,- $ 120.00

Go Panthers!

Brooke Davison,- $ 25.00

Go Panthers!

Mark Henkin,- $ 100.00

Have a good season Mark Henkin

Eric Pringle,- $ 100.00

Beth Steinmetz,- $ 200.00

Go Panthers!

Ron Harvey,- $ 250.00

Good luck, Dylan! Hope it’s a great season!

Chris Werpy,- $ 200.00

John McCarvel,- $ 200.00

Bea Lingenfelter,- $ 50.00

Hi Luke, Go Boulder High School Love Aunt Bea and Uncle Al

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