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Boys Soccer

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      Fairview Boys Soccer

Please Help Us to Make Our Goal. 

Trying to raise enough funds to help replace our worn out equipment.

Your donations will help purchase:

  1. Soccer Balls
  2. Nets for both game and training goals
  3. Bibs 
  4. Cones

Training materials including but not limited to:

  1. Small Sided Goals
  2. Training Flags 

We Appreciate Your Generosity ~ Thank you !

Mary Hansen

Love those g...  


We can’t w...  

Diane Ballar...

Great season...  

Sherron Shuf...

A great team...  

Mitchell Gil...

They should ...  

Deanna Gilbe...

I will also ...  

John Hardawa...

Play Well  

Jeanette Dom...


Barbara Leon...


Steve Huh


Chun Huh


Joel Kertzer

Love those K...  

Mary Ann Wil...

We support t...  


We love to w...  

Kris Anderso...


Beverley Han...

Congrats on ...  

Laura Shove


Christine Sp...

Good luck!!!  

Winston Huh


Liane Lee


Mary Louise ...

Hope I get t...  

John Welch


Aviva Bass-H...


Tom Sunderla...

Looking forw...  

Will Ortman

Good luck bo...  

Cindy Mitche...


Brandon Blew


Anne Ortman

Go Knights!  

Weimei Luo

Go Knights!  

Greg Johnsto...


Mary Louise ...

Love you Wil...  

Kristin Dono...


Elizabeth Gh...

Have a great...  

Yasuki Aoki


Amie Blanco

Good luck Ia...  

Katherine My...

Go Knights!  

Heather Welt...

Go Knights!  



Mindi Antele...

Go Nathan!   

Dean Robinso...


Jane Lingwoo...






Join our growing list of donors!

Rhett,- $ 40.00

Lisa,- $ 100.00

Dean Robinson,- $ 25.00

Jane Lingwood,- $ 35.00

Mindi Antelek,- $ 25.00

Go Nathan!

Laura,- $ 25.00

Heather Weltzin,- $ 250.00

Go Knights!

Katherine Myers,- $ 25.00

Go Knights!

Amie Blanco,- $ 30.00

Good luck Ian!

Yasuki Aoki,- $ 100.00

Elizabeth Gheleta,- $ 80.00

Have a great time and meet the challenges!

Kristin Donovan,- $ 20.00

Mary Louise Hartman,- $ 50.00

Love you Will! From Aunt Kai

Greg Johnston,- $ 25.00

Anne Ortman,- $ 50.00

Go Knights!

Weimei Luo,- $ 100.00

Go Knights!

Brandon Blew,- $ 10.00

Anonymous,- $ 25.00

Cindy Mitchell,- $ 100.00

Will Ortman,- $ 50.00

Good luck boys!

Tom Sunderland,- $ 100.00

Looking forward to the Fairview Soccer legacy continuing in 2019 with great coaching and another outstanding team!

Aviva Bass-Huh,- $ 70.00

Mary Louise Hartman,- $ 100.00

Hope I get to see you play again.

Liane Lee,- $ 20.00

Winston Huh,- $ 50.00

Christine Springer,- $ 15.00

Good luck!!!

Laura Shove,- $ 25.00

Beverley Hansen,- $ 25.00

Congrats on a great season! Yea Seb!

Jeanette Domber,- $ 50.00

Barbara Leonard,- $ 200.00

Kris Anderson,- $ 100.00

Peggy,- $ 100.00

We love to watch your games!

Joel Kertzer,- $ 75.00

Love those Knights!

Chun Huh,- $ 100.00

Mary Ann Wilner,- $ 50.00

We support the Knights! Go team, go!

Steve Huh,- $ 100.00

John Hardaway,- $ 1,000.00

Play Well

Deanna Gilbert,- $ 75.00

I will also donate a box of Timbits if I can make it to a game! Xoxo

Mitchell Gilbert,- $ 75.00

They should ban mountain lions in boulder

Sherron Shuffield,- $ 100.00

A great team- Go, Knights!

Diane Ballard,- $ 40.00

Great season!

Paula,- $ 250.00

We can’t wait to cheer the teams on next season! Go Knights!!

Mary Hansen,- $ 50.00

Love those games - very exciting!

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