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7th and 8th Grade Learning Adventures

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  Platt Learning Adventures     

All Platt students (500 students) benefit from at least 2 extended, experiential learning adventures over the course of their time at Platt.

 This year, students will be exploring the Pacific Ocean in San Diego, Yosemite National Park, the Black Hills of South Dakota, Washington, D.C. and various cultural/historical/natural sights in Colorado.


Students complete commitments to community service/fundraising and pre-trip learning activities in order to attend these learning adventures, but to ensure that ALL students at Platt Middle School have the means to attend, additional fundraising support is needed. 


Your donation directly supports students’ access to these learning adventures.     

These learning adventures promote academic growth through interdisciplinary projects and personal growth in core principle areas (Teamwork, Service, Leadership, Risk-Taking, and 21st Century Skills/Knowledge). 

Learning adventures are an integral part of working toward Platt’s commitments to rigorous academics paired with experiential learning and creation of lifelong learners. We believe in the high importance of experiences like our learning adventures, it is our goal to ensure that all students are able to participate -   

                                      Your support helps us do just that!     


                                           Thank you !



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