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 Fairview Track and Field

  We're Updating Our Track Equipment!

The Fairview Track and Field program has consistently grown over the past 10 years with more student/athletes, more conference and state podium finishes and more state champions.  

With participant numbers nearing 200, our equipment has felt the impact over the years and it's time to update.  

We are in need of a new hurdle set, a new high jump pit, new starting blocks and miscellaneous items like pole vault poles, a starting pistol for track meets, training equipment such as plyometric boxes, bands and balls. 

 For a sport that doesn't require too much equipment for each individual athlete, the sport itself requires a lot of equipment on a whole.  Our goal is aggressive this year, but so are our needs.  With the number of athletes, we should be able to accomplish our goal and have equipment that will help us train to higher levels for years to come!

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