Boulder Girls Golf Email Campaign Fundraiser

Boulder High School
Girls Golf

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Boulder Girls Golf Email Campaign Fundraiser

Please Help Us to Make Our Goal ~ Go Panthers!!!!!!!!

Help Us Kick Off the 2019 Season

Your donations will provide the team with the following:

~ Video Assistance

~ State of the Art Equipment 

      Clubs, Balls, Accessories, Uniforms, Bags, Range Finders. 

~ Jerseys and Jackets

~ Scholarship Packages for Students in Need

~ Team Meals, Hydration and Nutrition

~ Unexpected Season Expenses

    Thank You!


Go Jessica B...  

Pam Herrick ...

Have a great...  

Breighton Ba...

Good luck Ev...  


Have fun lad...  



Mary Joe Gil...


Mariella Leo...

Good luck, E...  

Lisa Harring...

Fore!!!! ox  

Joyce Boyd

Go AVA!!!  

Ike Peringto...


Anne Collins


Linda Shaw

Good luck to...  

Marilyn Nude...


Beata Gerrit...



You go girl....  

Elizabeth Ko...


Peter VanDom...

Hope you hav...  

Cathy Koehle...

Go Kira and ...  


Good luck!  

Craig Scott

Go Risa and ...  

Kristen Simp...

Go Risa and ...  

Anya Hamill


Jessica Davi...


Ella Heidman...


Kat Webb

Good luck, E...  

David Mans

Just remembe...  

Gerrit de La...

Support for ...  

Lisa Hainlin...

YAY AVA! Lov...  


Have a great...  

Kim Seaton


Colter VanDo...

Good luck Ma...  

Mary Jo Blyt...


Taber ward

Ella rocking...  

Marcel de La...

Go Panthers....  


Jessie: Enj...  


Alex have fu...  


Hi, Jessica!...  

Micheal Klim...


Ula Bunting


Erin Love


Amity Joyce

Par or bette...  

Lynn Perri

Go Girls Gol...  

Nancy Byron


Karen Seaton



Have a great...  

Susan Lyle

Go Samantha!...  

Kelly Bisaha

GO AVA. We a...  

Rick Ueno


Jim Collins


Susan Forte

go girl's go...  

Lisa Ghorban...

Have lots of...  


Go Alex! Thi...  

Stacy Gold

good luck, T...  

Josh Shoenfe...

Go golf!! Go...  

Tom Olexa


Steve Koehle...


Alden Faulkn...

Good luck!  

Jan fouts


Violetta Kli...

Best of luck...  

Jan fouts

Have a great...  

Erik Ross

Grip it and ...  

Steve Bine


Sherri Bjors...

Have fun Ell...  

Stafford Cha...

Have fun Eva...  

Jill Emich

Cause I love...  

Mike Conroy

Here's to a ...  

Dan Fouts

Good luck Ev...  

Ruth Koehler


Ruth Koehler


Ann Guardiol...


Mary Martin

Good luck  

Gina Leon

Ella, you ar...  

Erin Ross

Yay Golf! Go...  

Stan Ross


Dave Sholtz


Joe Cooper



The game is ...  





Makenna Albr...

you go girl  

Kamila Pinch...

So proud of ...  

Ray Dionne

Stay cheerfu...  

Ulrika Birge...

Heja Eva and...  


Have so much...  

Laura Chapma...


Dave Shaffer

Have a great...  

Michael Cass...

Have fun Sam...  

Olga de Lang...

Good luck te...  

Beata Gerrit...



Go Granddaug...  

John Heisler

Good Luck!  

Sarah Suther...

Have a great...  


Go Jess!  

Join our growing list of donors!

Svante,- $ 25.00

Go Jess!

Sarah Sutherland,- $ 25.00

Have a great season!

John Heisler,- $ 60.00

Good Luck!

Bjorn,- $ 50.00

Go Granddaughter

Michael Cassidy,- $ 25.00

Have fun Samantha! - Coach Michael

Beata Gerritsen,- $ 30.00

Olga de Lange,- $ 50.00

Good luck team!

Dave Shaffer,- $ 30.00

Have a great season Samantha! Be sure to give your dad some pointers on how to improve his game :)

Ulrika Birgersson,- $ 50.00

Heja Eva and the Team!!

Laura Chapman,- $ 25.00

Alex,- $ 20.00

Have so much fun!

Ray Dionne,- $ 25.00

Stay cheerful ,alert, and win, win, win.

Kamila Pinchuck,- $ 20.00

So proud of you Alex!

Carin,- $ 20.00

Makenna Albrecht,- $ 100.00

you go girl

Suzanne,- $ 10.00

Jean,- $ 50.00

The game is ultimately in the putting! Practice, Practice! Enjoy the season Jessie and all your friends!

Joe Cooper,- $ 50.00

Dave Sholtz,- $ 25.00

Jorie,- $ 50.00

Go Jessica Bush and team! Hope you have an awesome season!

Pam Herrick Reynolds,- $ 25.00

Have a great season!

Joe,- $ 25.00

Mary Joe Gilbert,- $ 25.00

Ike Perington,- $ 5.00

Anne Collins,- $ 100.00

Francie,- $ 200.00

You go girl..... your N. Michigan Family

Kristen Simpson,- $ 50.00

Go Risa and Kira. Hope you get a lot of Hole in Ones!

Anya Hamill,- $ 15.00

Jessica Davis,- $ 20.00

Ella Heidman-Pinker,- $ 10.00

Erin Ross,- $ 100.00

Yay Golf! Go team. Love you Ava Ross xo, Mom and Dad

Erik Ross,- $ 50.00

Grip it and rip it!! Love, Kathy and Erik

Stan Ross,- $ 20.00


Kathy,- $ 50.00

Have fun ladies.

Breighton Bardezbanian,- $ 20.00

Good luck Eva, seeya at Flatirons 🙂

Peter VanDomelen,- $ 100.00

Hope you have a great season!

Elizabeth Koehler,- $ 100.00

Craig Scott,- $ 25.00

Go Risa and Kira !! Go Panthers

Summer,- $ 25.00

Good luck!

Cathy Koehler,- $ 50.00

Go Kira and Risa!

Anonymous,- $ 50.00

Have a great season ladies!!

Lisa Hainline,- $ 36.00

YAY AVA! Love the Hainlines

David Mans,- $ 15.00

Just remember Ella, drive for show, putt for dough!

Kat Webb,- $ 25.00

Good luck, Ella! Kat

Taber ward,- $ 50.00

Ella rocking it as usual!!!

Gerrit de Lange,- $ 50.00

Support for Anouk

Marcel de Lange,- $ 50.00

Go Panthers...

Mary Jo Blythe,- $ 50.00

Colter VanDomelen,- $ 100.00

Good luck Maya!!

Kim Seaton,- $ 25.00

Monika,- $ 25.00

Alex have fun playing golf

Michael,- $ 25.00

Jessie: Enjoy your golf team!

Doug,- $ 25.00

Hi, Jessica! I love golf and am so glad that you are playing it. It's life long fun! Love you, Babu

Micheal Klimek,- $ 25.00 Ep. 8 :)

Erin Love,- $ 25.00

Ula Bunting,- $ 25.00

Amity Joyce,- $ 25.00

Par or better, Ava! Have fun!

Sandra,- $ 50.00

Have a great season, Jessica!

Liz,- $ 25.00

Go Alex! This is very exciting, thanks for including us.

Josh Shoenfeld,- $ 100.00

Go golf!! Go Boulder!!

Tom Olexa,- $ 250.00

Kelly Bisaha,- $ 50.00

GO AVA. We always new you were a golfer!!!!!!!!!!!

Susan Lyle,- $ 100.00

Go Samantha!! We love you!

Karen Seaton,- $ 125.00

Nancy Byron,- $ 20.00

Lynn Perri,- $ 25.00

Go Girls Golf!! Have a great season Eva!!

Rick Ueno,- $ 50.00

Jim Collins,- $ 20.00

Susan Forte,- $ 50.00

go girl's golf!

Lisa Ghorbani,- $ 100.00

Have lots of fun and good luck this season!

Stacy Gold,- $ 20.00

good luck, The Golds

Steve Koehler,- $ 50.00

Alden Faulkner,- $ 40.00

Good luck!

Jan fouts,- $ 25.00

Steve Bine,- $ 75.00

Jan fouts,- $ 25.00

Have a great season!

Violetta Klimek,- $ 35.00

Best of luck Anouk:-)

Jill Emich,- $ 50.00

Cause I love ya Ava.

Stafford Chatham Family,- $ 50.00

Have fun Eva!

Dan Fouts,- $ 25.00

Good luck Eva!

Sherri Bjorson,- $ 50.00

Have fun Ella!

Mike Conroy,- $ 50.00

Here's to a fun year Ella!

Ann Guardiola,- $ 25.00

Ruth Koehler,- $ 25.00


Ruth Koehler,- $ 25.00


Gina Leon,- $ 25.00

Ella, you are one amazing girl!

Mary Martin,- $ 25.00

Good luck

Linda Shaw,- $ 25.00

Good luck to you and your team this season Ella!

Marilyn Nudelman,- $ 25.00

Beata Gerritsen,- $ 30.00

Mariella Leon,- $ 50.00

Good luck, Ella!

Joyce Boyd,- $ 50.00

Go AVA!!!

Lisa Harrington,- $ 50.00

Fore!!!! ox

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