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   Lady Coyotes Golf Fundraiser

We are raising money to help support and sustain the Monarch High School Girls Golf Team.  

Growing the game and finding a lifetime activity! 

The excitement for girls golf at Monarch high school is at an all-time high!  We have a collection of 30 lady coyotes that are experiencing this great game. 

 The goal of Monarch golf is to grow the game of golf and champion it as a lifetime activity.  To do this we are in need of some outside support and it's our hope that you can help us sustain and support the Monarch girls golf program.  Golf is already an expenditure for our players and their families, additional financial support can ease some of these burdens and greatly improve our program.  Through your contributions, our girls will be afforded an enriched experience such as expanded...

- Team Building - such as team dinners, competitions (with prizes), team outings (Top Golf) and other fun activities.

- Uniforms/Clothing - additional items for the ever-changing weather of Rocky Mountain Golf.

- Equipment - additional items for our growing team (bags, range finders, etc.)

- Instruction - opportunities to improve skills through clinics, lessons, training aides, etc.

- Food/snacks - teenage girls love unexpected food and treats after tournaments and practice.

- Opportunities for Improvement - working with mental coaches, doing yoga, and new training equipment.

- Financial Assistance - for those who need help covering the various costs of getting into golf.

Thank you for your support and sponsorship of our program, we greatly appreciate any help you can provide!

Sko Yotes!

  Thank You ~


Have a great...  

Knute C


Carrie Volpe...

Go Megan!! ...  

Jen Goldman

Have a great...  

Cynthia Maci...

You got this...  

Cambria Jaco...

Go Adair and...  

Jan Chapman

Best of luck...  


Good luck fu...  

Laurie Hutch...

Wishing you ...  

Micheal and ...

We love you ...  

Mary Hutchin...

Have fun!  

Dianne Ginsb...


Pamela Reute...


Criag Chapma...


Nathan How

Have fun sis...  

Hattie Duboi...

Go Team!! So...  


Good Luck Te...  

David Howe


Angela King

Go Coyotes!!...  

Karen Lewiso...

Good luck!!!  

Auntie Tammy

Have a great...  

Paul Denny


Auntie Donna

LOVE Yotes w...  

Uncle Steve ...

May GOD Bles...  

Warren Hutch...


Cheri Rosent...

You rock Rac...  

Carrie Volpe...

Have a great...  

Tara Krams


Dan and Marl...

XOXOX to MAK...  

Salina LaBre...


Della King-S...

Sko Yotes!  

Tara Krams

So proud of ...  

Tara Krams

Hit'em long ...  

Debbie Folin...

Proud of you...  

Olivia Halpe...

Go golf team  

Janet Denny

Go Coyotes  

Sarah Davis



Go Tessyi!  

Join our growing list of donors!

Cynthia Macias,- $ 40.00

You got this gurls!!! Swing it like it’s nobody’s business Yulim!

Cambria Jacobs,- $ 50.00

Go Adair and team!

Micheal and Wendy LaBree,- $ 50.00

We love you Makenna!! Grandpa Mikey & Grandma Wendy

Mary Hutchins,- $ 50.00

Have fun!

Dianne Ginsberg,- $ 25.00

Pamela Reuter,- $ 25.00

Criag Chapman,- $ 50.00

Nathan How,- $ 20.00

Have fun sis!

Kate,- $ 50.00

Good Luck Tessyi!

David Howe,- $ 40.00

Angela King,- $ 100.00

Go Coyotes!! Do me proud 👍

Karina,- $ 50.00

Go Tessyi!

Auntie Tammy,- $ 100.00

Have a great season!

Karen Lewison,- $ 60.00

Good luck!!!

Hattie Dubois,- $ 100.00

Go Team!! So proud of you.

Paul Denny,- $ 50.00

Warren Hutchins,- $ 25.00

Uncle Steve and Aunt Michelle,- $ 50.00

May GOD Bless you. Uncle Steve

Cheri Rosenthal,- $ 36.00

You rock Rachel.

Jen Goldman,- $ 20.00

Have a great season!

Carrie Volpecv,- $ 20.00

Go Megan!! Love Grandma Cee & Papa Pat

Knute C,- $ 200.00

Carey,- $ 100.00

Have a great year Tessyi! Go girls!

Jan Chapman,- $ 25.00

Best of luck girls x hit them long and straight!

Laurie Hutchins,- $ 100.00

Wishing you lots of luck for a great season!!

Debby,- $ 50.00

Good luck fundraising Tessyi ! Deb

Auntie Donna,- $ 25.00

LOVE Yotes who Play!

Carrie Volpecv,- $ 25.00

Have a great season girls!!

Dan and Marlene Sabo,- $ 50.00


Tara Krams,- $ 25.00

Salina LaBree,- $ 50.00

Della King-Smith,- $ 50.00

Sko Yotes!

Tara Krams,- $ 25.00

So proud of these young women striving for excellence!

Tara Krams,- $ 18.00

Hit'em long and straight!

Debbie Folino,- $ 50.00

Proud of you Makenna Denny

Olivia Halpern,- $ 150.00

Go golf team

Janet Denny,- $ 50.00

Go Coyotes

Sarah Davis,- $ 20.00

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