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Monarch High School

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Monarch Football Uniform Fundraiser 

Our Monarch football team is fundraising specifically for NEW Nike Football Uniforms. 

We are excited for our 2019 season and to kick off with new uniforms will make this fall even more exciting. 

Please help support us with our campaign

Below are mock ups of the uniforms that we are buying! 

Give it a GO!!

      SKO Yotes!  Thank you ~

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Rae Dreith

Sko Josh  

Missy Gasser


Lisa Ponder

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Jim and Jess...

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Mark Gordon


Pat Gill


Rachel Stant...

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Helene Meyer

Have a great...  

Keri Iacono

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Kristi Gray



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Nate Zahn




Ben Dreith



Go Caden!!! ...  

Jon and KC


Tim Ayoub

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Suraj Singh


Mr. Brown


Ann Willard

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Margie Hayes


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For Matthew ...  

Paula Camp

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Join our growing list of donors!

Mark,- $ 50.00

Good Luck! From, Topo Designs

Joe,- $ 200.00

To a great season

Daniela,- $ 50.00

To a great season!

Janet,- $ 25.00

Have a great year!

Alicia Frazier,- $ 135.00

Looking forward to a great season Yotes! Go Reid! Love Mom, Dad, Bailey and Dani Jo!

Samara Williams,- $ 50.00

For Charlie Williams

Michael,- $ 75.00

Good luck Matthew Wengryn! Love Mom and Dad!

Lisa,- $ 50.00

Good Luck Caden!

Kamber Berger,- $ 20.00

👊🏼 Go Caden!

Jim and Lori Chittenden,- $ 40.00

Katie Marshall,- $ 20.00

Charles Windhausen,- $ 100.00

Randy Jones,- $ 30.00


Margarita Apodaca,- $ 50.00

Good Luck!!

Mom,- $ 100.00

Good Luck MOHI!!!

Tanya Schmanski,- $ 50.00

Melissa Durovich,- $ 150.00

Ruiling Luo,- $ 100.00

Anonymous,- $ 20.00

Mindy and Jim Sawtelle,- $ 500.00

Sko Yotes!

Ashley Elder,- $ 25.00

Debbie,- $ 25.00

Kim Beirman,- $ 15.00

Have a great season Mohi!!

Mike Traxler,- $ 50.00

Grandma Flo,- $ 50.00

Good luck Ka'eo

Anjannette Demars,- $ 25.00

Go Trey! Have a great season!

Larry Millett,- $ 50.00

Chris,- $ 10.00

Phil Maersch,- $ 50.00

Grandpa Maersch and Gloria

Pam Riede,- $ 25.00

Go Yotes

Bevin Stilson,- $ 50.00

Go Monarch!

Grandpa and Grandma,- $ 25.00

Go AJ and Monarch

Weston Williams,- $ 100.00

Sko Yotes!!!

Lisa Coblentz,- $ 20.00

Go Recchia's!!

Janet,- $ 200.00

Julie Hocker,- $ 50.00

Good luck this season Jayce!

Ben Klopp,- $ 50.00

Good Luck.

Sue Ewig,- $ 15.00

Suraj Singh,- $ 30.00

Jack Poulson,- $ 50.00

Good Luck this year Caden!!!

Megan Riede,- $ 50.00

Go Gage! XO, Titi

David,- $ 30.00

Go Caden!!! Love the Bergers

Tim Ayoub,- $ 50.00

Proud of you nephew!

Jon and KC,- $ 50.00

Mr. Brown,- $ 50.00

Nate Zahn,- $ 60.00

Missy Gasser,- $ 20.00

Lisa Ponder,- $ 25.00

Sko Yots

Rae Dreith,- $ 100.00

Sko Josh

Ben Dreith,- $ 50.00

Chuck Hundertmark,- $ 25.00

Steve,- $ 100.00

Scott McClarrinon,- $ 20.00

Lexy Millett,- $ 20.00

Have a great season!

Stacy,- $ 50.00

Sko "Yotes!

Helene Meyer,- $ 25.00

Have a great year!

Mindy Mastrine,- $ 15.00

Keri Iacono,- $ 100.00

Glad to help a good cause such as this.Not just for my grandson but for team effort!

Jim and Jessica Abeyta,- $ 54.00

Good Luck this year Zachary Ferrera!!!

Rachel Stanton,- $ 100.00

Sko 'Yotes!

barbra,- $ 25.00

Barbara Rubin

Calvin Williams,- $ 20.00

Mark Gordon,- $ 50.00

Pat Gill,- $ 20.00

Kristi Gray,- $ 15.00

Gerry Gaisser,- $ 15.00

SKo yotes!

Ann Willard,- $ 15.00

Go Yotes!

Ben and Stacy Carlucci,- $ 25.00

Beth Fredricksmeyer,- $ 50.00

JRCC Ferrera,- $ 40.00

Leah Swanson,- $ 45.00

Gene Taber Sr,- $ 50.00

Paula Camp,- $ 20.00

Go Caden!

Margie Hayes,- $ 20.00

Blair Camp,- $ 20.00

Go Yotes!

Ms. Heidi Denn,- $ 20.00

Kerry Stewart,- $ 50.00


Linda Pneuman,- $ 50.00

Have a great season

Nana,- $ 50.00


Jessie,- $ 15.00

For Matthew Wengryn. Glad to be part of your fund raising!

Jessie,- $ 15.00

For Matthew Wengryn. Glad to be part of your fund raising!

Mello Wilcox,- $ 15.00

Go Cole :)

Nancy Lamb,- $ 15.00

Yay Cole!

Johnny Lamb,- $ 15.00

Go Cole!

Elyse Carlucci,- $ 15.00

Aunty,- $ 50.00

Molly Singh,- $ 25.00

Sko Yotes!

Lisa Boehm,- $ 25.00

Barry Osafa-Atta,- $ 20.00

Can't wait to watch you play this season! Good luck on the fundraiser!

Johnny,- $ 15.00

Goodluck with the fundraiser. I hope that this small amount helps to reach your goal.

Mary Ford,- $ 15.00

Jodie,- $ 50.00


Andrew malcolmson,- $ 25.00

Kathleen Waugh,- $ 150.00

Michele,- $ 25.00

NEW Nike Football Uniforms for Monarch Football. From Matthew Wengryn's Aunt Michele

Jennifer and Mark Braman,- $ 50.00

Zach! Good luck to you and your team!! ❣️

Karen Fuchs,- $ 25.00

Go MoHi!

Sko Yotes,- $ 100.00

Brian Rubin,- $ 25.00

Vicki,- $ 15.00

Good luck Matthew!

Kathleen Hauge,- $ 15.00

Crush em this year Yokes!

Kitty Turner,- $ 25.00

Anonymous,- $ 15.00

Good Luck this season!

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