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     Fairview Boys Basketball Fundraiser

Please Help Us to Make Our Goal ~

Helping our student-athletes to compete at a high level.

Your donations will assist with:

-Equipment: we are in need of new basketballs, nets, rims, backboards practice jerseys, and more.      

-          We were able to purchase a few new basketballs this past year, but will need more moving forward.  It is difficult to run thorough practices and workouts with basketballs that cannot hold their air.

-          Practice Jerseys are an imperative part of every basketball program and we supply our athletes with practice jerseys so that everyone who makes the team has the ability to wear a practice jersey every day.


-Making the playing surface playable for all of our athletes.  The gym floor requires finishing twice a year. There are so many students and student-athletes that get the opportunity to use our gym floor that we must refinish the floor a couple of times per year to make the playing surface functionable and safe.

-Paying our coaches for all of the extra work and time that they put into the off-season.  Our coaches receive a small stipend for the hundreds of hours they put in from November to February, but Basketball has become an 11 month a year sport and compensating our coaches for their efforts is important for keeping and maintaining a great staff.

- We take pride in the amount of time spent in the off-season becoming better.  One of the items that has helped us tremendously is a shooting machine.  Due to previous donations, we were able to purchase two machines in 2000, but these machines are now not working properly and one of them is not working at all.  To be able to purchase a brand new shoot-away, we would be able to help our athletes' pursuit of excellence.


-Transportation to and from games.

-Fees for tournaments for all of our programs.

-Payments to the people that work on game day.


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