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ANGEVINE MIDDLE SCHOOL         8th Grade AVID Program

AVID is an internationally recognized college/career preparatory program designed to prepare its students for academic success in a global society. Our AVID program is made up of a diverse group of students, many of whom are on free/reduced lunch and will be the first in their families to attend college or career preparatory programs beyond high school. 

Every year we are lucky enough to go on a week-long experiential learning trip as the culminating event of our middle school program. 8th grade students work to attain the trip by maintaining a 3.0 GPA, exemplifying model student behavior, and taking opportunities to enroll in advanced coursework and achieve academic success at their highest levels. 

Our field trip to the San Juan Islands is an incredible experience, one that former students attest to being one of the best weeks of their lives. We study marine biology to prepare for our trip, and we spend the week examining organisms in the tide pools, going whale watching, hiking and examining plant life on the island, and interacting with the locals in Friday Harbor. 

Beyond the planned activities, students benefit from this trip enormously as it opens up their worlds beyond Lafayette, CO. Many AVID students are first-time flyers and this trip is the first opportunity for them to see another state, ride in a boat across a large body of water, go through airport security, fly in a plane, be exposed to a big city (Seattle), and learn what it's like to be away from home for a week. The lessons they learn stay with them into their high school years and continue to be a motivator for them to achieve other goals in their lives.  Former students continue to talk of the trip years after they've been- it truly stays with them through the rest of their formal education.

Our trip to the San Juan Islands this year is scheduled for May 11-15. While all of our 8th grade AVID students are currently earning the trip with their grades and behavior, many of them are struggling to make the full payments. Our school already provides financial support for all families and the trip is offered at a discounted rate, but we are still in need of more financial help for some of our students. 

Your donation will go directly towards a partial or full scholarship for a deserving AVID student who will send you a Thank You postcard from Washington. We will also share a trip blog with you so you can read student reactions and experiences as we travel.

We will collect donations from now until we leave in May. 

Any amount from $10 to $100+ will go a long way. 

Thanks so much for your help in giving some amazing kids the opportunity of a lifetime. 

Vanessa Smith,  AVID Teacher
Liz Barcheck, AVID Coordinator
The Graduating Class of 2024 (current AVID 8th graders fueled by their college and career dreams).

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