Boulder High Instrument Fund and Supply Drive 2023

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Instrumental Music

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Boulder High Instrument Fund and Supply Drive 2023

Support Boulder High School's musical journey by contributing to our fundraising campaign aimed at providing essential instruments and percussion equipment for our band and orchestra programs, as well as addressing crucial storage needs. Join us in making music education accessible and impactful for all students.

 ~ Please Help Us to Make Our Goal ~


Your generous donations will enable us to purchase high-quality instruments, including brass, woodwinds, and strings, ensuring that every aspiring musician has access to the tools they need to excel. Additionally, your support will help us acquire percussion instruments vital to creating dynamic rhythms and enhancing the overall musical experience. 

Furthermore, we aim to invest in proper storage solutions to safeguard these instruments, promoting longevity and preserving their quality. Your contribution not only fosters a love for music but also empowers the next generation of musicians, enriching our community with the harmonious sounds of creativity and dedication. 

                       Thank you for Your Support !

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Pat Payne

Good job!  

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You rock!  

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Join our growing list of donors!

Mark and Linnet Mathewson - $ 200.00

Anonymous - $ 1,000.00

Let's do this! Music is such a unique joy and place of growth for our kids. Thanks to all the fantastic music teachers at Boulder High.

Anne Marie Kaufman - $ 200.00

Bravo musical panthers!

Kyle and Lacey Musick - $ 500.00

Al and LuAnn - $ 100.00

Amy McCormick - $ 200.00

Herb Poppe - $ 100.00

Anonymous - $ 100.00

Monica Breed - $ 50.00

Mary O'Brien - $ 10.00

Mary Redente - $ 35.00

May this bless your journey with Music!

Christine Cox - $ 150.00

A great cause and part of Bella’s passion! Love to our beautiful grand-daughter from Australia!! Xx

Emily Takahashi - $ 50.00

Roberta Spray - $ 10.00

Wonderful winter concert!

Andrew Stuckey - $ 250.00

keep up the good work

Andrew Stuckey - $ 100.00

Keep up the good work

Hans and Sally Mueh - $ 200.00

Kevin and Mary Kane - $ 100.00

Congratulations on your good work

Tabitha Carver Roberts - $ 25.00

Scott Doane - $ 50.00

Wishing you all the best!

Vicki Schneider - $ 50.00

Jo Mazula - $ 100.00

Jessica Jenkins - $ 50.00

Mary Schuller - $ 50.00

Lillie Thomasset, You Go Girl!!

Janet/Joel Korman - $ 25.00

Grandpa and Grandma

Victor Druga - $ 100.00

Annie Tromey - $ 50.00

From Grandma & Grandpa

Julie Redente - $ 20.00

You rock!

Omama Druga - $ 50.00

Keep up the great work! Bravi!!!

Anonymous - $ 500.00

Georgia Falkenberg - $ 100.00

I'm happy to help support you, Claire!

Spencer Doane - $ 20.00

Debbie Payne - $ 100.00

Wonderful talent!

David and Valerie Powell - $ 200.00

Pat Payne - $ 100.00

Good job!

Mark young - $ 200.00

Elyn Tromey - $ 100.00

Tom White - $ 50.00

Carey White - $ 25.00

Deborah Benke - $ 300.00

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           Your contributions to the Boulder Valley School District RE-2 (EIN 84-6014683) are tax deductible under IRC 170(c)(3) of the U.S. Tax Code.

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