2019 Golf Fundraiser

Fairview High School
Boys Golf

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  Fairview High School 

2019 Golf Fundraiser

Please Help Us to Make Our Goal ~ 

Your donations will allow us to cover the necessities that are not within the budget.

We are raising money for:

New Uniforms

Practice Round Green Fees

Extra Tournament Entries

Team Parties


Easy to donate here using this new BVSD private fundraising site partnered with RevTrak.

 Growing the rich tradition of golf and raising quality young men is our goal.  To do so, we are asking for your help.  

Thank you !   Go Knights!!!

Amy funke


Shin Ishihar...


Jacqueline B...

Campbell had...  

Matt Schnitz

GO BRETT! :D...  

Joan Munson

Best of luck...  

Allie Sherry

Go Knights!  

Chris Wirth ...


Lisa Graycar...


Larry Thomps...


Matthew McKa...


Bill Heuston

Sko Nights  

Aimee Day

congrats on ...  

Mike Alkaiti...


Juleigh Seve...


Kay Dunn


Paul Schnitz


Katherine Re...

Thank you fo...  

Richard Ream...


Priscilla Al...


Nancy Philli...


Sarah Kastel...

Good luck Br...  

Jeff Schnitz

Go Brett and...  

Join our growing list of donors!

Lisa Graycar - $ 100.00

Larry Thompson - $ 50.00

Congratulations to Fairview HIgh School and Ryder Heuston

Matthew McKay - $ 100.00

Jacqueline Brown - $ 250.00

Campbell had a great time, thanks!

Shin Ishihara - $ 100.00

Chris Wirth - $ 1,500.00

Mike Alkaitis - $ 200.00

Aimee Day - $ 200.00

congrats on state!

Bill Heuston - $ 100.00

Sko Nights

Juleigh Severin - $ 100.00

Congratulations on your State Championship!

Kay Dunn - $ 50.00

Congratulations to the Fairview team for placing #1 in the State Tournament!

Richard Reamon - $ 50.00

Congratulations - State Champions

Paul Schnitz - $ 50.00

Congratulations 2019 Team and Brett!!!! Awesome!!!

Katherine Reamon - $ 500.00

Thank you for a great 4 years of golf!

Nancy Phillips - $ 100.00

Sarah Kastelic - $ 50.00

Good luck Brett!

Jeff Schnitz - $ 50.00

Go Brett and Fairview!

Allie Sherry - $ 250.00

Go Knights!

Joan Munson - $ 100.00

Best of luck at state to all of you boys!

Matt Schnitz - $ 100.00

GO BRETT! :D - Uncle Matt

Amy funke - $ 200.00

Priscilla Albright - $ 50.00

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