Boulder Girls Basketball Team Funds Fundraiser

Boulder High School
Girls Basketball

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 Boulder Girls Basketball Team Funds Fundraiser

~Help Us to Make Our Goal~

We are raising money to help support all aspects of Boulder Girls Basketball Program.

Funds will be used to purchase new equipment for the players to help with skill work as well as helping to make practice fun.

 ~Appreciate Your ASSIST ~

Funds would also be used to help with paying for team bonding experiences for the entire program, as well as gear for the players to enjoy representing their school and Girls' Boulder Basketball.

 Thank You !  Go Panthers !  

Jessica Vaul...


Erin Rebhorn

Good luck gi...  

Paul McQuay


Kate Stahler...


Helen Matthe...

Go, Megan!!!...  

Deno Charcha...

Go Steph!  

The Taylors




karen russo


Greg Fry

Good luck St...  

Dimitri Karp...

Good Luck!  

Pamela Schwa...

Good Luck Gi...  

Melissa Noon...


Emily Sultan


Dimitra Chau...

Go Steph!  

Raymond Conn...


Ken Bixel


Zoe Palmos

Go Stephanie...  

Barbara Andr...

Here's to a ...  

Clara Hillia...


Kimberly A K...

Go Maddie!  

Gma Gpa Bixe...

Best wishes ...  

Gpa Woodward

Love you. Al...  

Donna Neu


Aunt Debbie ...

Go Evie!  

Liliana Marr...

Go Panthers!  

Aunt Aly + U...

Aunt Aly and...  

Steven Kasap...


Todd Swift

Put me in co...  

Rosa Ana Rov...

Go girls! Yo...  

Craig Ellis

Have a good ...  

Matt McQueen

Ball is LIFE...  


Play hard an...  

Hill Family

Have a fun s...  

Join our growing list of donors!

Steven Kasapi - $ 200.00

Aunt Aly + Uncle Bobby - $ 25.00

Aunt Aly and Uncle Bobby J are also cheering for you Evie!

Hunnicutt - $ 200.00

Clara Hilliard - $ 25.00

Greg Fry - $ 100.00

Good luck Steph!

Kimberly A Kleinman - $ 20.00

Go Maddie!

Ken Bixel - $ 100.00

Raymond Conners - $ 250.00

The Taylors - $ 25.00

Kate Stahler Starrett - $ 50.00

karen russo - $ 25.00

Emily Sultan - $ 60.00

Melissa Noonan - $ 25.00

Helen Matthews - $ 200.00

Go, Megan!!!!

Deno Charchalis - $ 50.00

Go Steph!

Zoe Palmos - $ 150.00

Go Stephanie! Go Boulder!❤️

Dimitri Karpouzos - $ 50.00

Good Luck!

Pamela Schwartz - $ 200.00

Good Luck Girls

Dimitra Chaus - $ 150.00

Go Steph!

Hill Family - $ 100.00

Have a fun season!

Anonymous - $ 300.00

Play hard and have fun, girls!

Matt McQueen - $ 50.00

Ball is LIFE! Go Panthers!

Craig Ellis - $ 50.00

Have a good season ladies

Rosa Ana Rovira Parra - $ 200.00

Go girls! You can do it!!!!

Todd Swift - $ 50.00

Put me in coach!

Liliana Marrero - $ 50.00

Go Panthers!

Aunt Debbie + Uncie B - $ 65.00

Go Evie!

Donna Neu - $ 100.00

Gpa Woodward - $ 100.00

Love you. Always your best.

Gma Gpa Bixel - $ 50.00

Best wishes for a great season, Evie! We hope you meet your goal for the team. We love you!

Barbara Andrade - $ 500.00

Here's to a safe, fair, basketball season for the Boulder Girls' Basketball Varsity & JV!

Paul McQuay - $ 50.00

Erin Rebhorn - $ 50.00

Good luck girls!!

Jessica Vaule - $ 250.00

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           Your contributions to the Boulder Valley School District RE-2 (EIN 84-6014683) are tax deductible under IRC 170(c)(3) of the U.S. Tax Code.

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