Fairview 2023 Golf Fundraiser

Fairview High School
Boys Golf

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Fairview 2023 Golf Fundraiser

~ Please Help Us to make Our Goal~ 

Growing the rich tradition of golf and raising quality young men is our goal.  To do so, we are asking for your help.  

Your donations will allow us to cover the necessities that are not within the budget.

We are raising money for:

New Uniforms

Practice Round Green Fees

Extra Tournament Entries

Team Parties

Thank You !! Go Knights!!

Christina Pa...


Lisa Miller

Great season...  

Paul Dickins...


Matt Whitney

Have a great...  

Holly Hardin...


Tom and Jane...

Thank you Co...  

Myrna Bodner

Best of luck...  

Alex Reinhar...

Go Knights a...  

Adam Max

Great season...  



Eric Ostenfe...

Go Knights -...  

Chane Miller

Hit em long ...  

Steve Glick

Rex Reinhard...  

Bobbie Reinh...

Go Knights!!  

George Reinh...

Good luck Kn...  

Mary Sznewaj...

Great season  


Good luck Ei...  

Danny Kaplan...

rex play wel...  

Robin Miller

You ROCK Kad...  

Erin Fulkers...


Jim Cappelle...

Enjoy your s...  



Ben Cowin

Good luck Ja...  


Go Knights!  

Eric Reinhar...

Just tap tap...  

Erica Kuhl

Go Knights!!  

Charles Dupr...

go nic  

Bob and Jani...


Adrian Sak


Dede and All...

To the Great...  

Pat Parcells


Robin Cowin

For Jake Cow...  


thanks for ...  

Join our growing list of donors!

anonymous - $ 1,000.00

thanks for all the wonderful programs you offer

Robin Cowin - $ 50.00

For Jake Cowin

Pat Parcells - $ 20.00

Adrian Sak - $ 100.00

Dede and Allen Benning - $ 100.00

To the Great game of Golf and best luck to Fairview High School golf team. Go Knights!

Safta - $ 50.00

Good luck Eithan we love you

Adam Max - $ 100.00

Great season, Knights!

Holly Harding - $ 100.00

Tom and Janeen Cappelletti - $ 250.00

Thank you Coaches!!!!! Great job Nick! #Sko Knights!

Auntie - $ 100.00

Danny Kaplansky - $ 50.00

rex play well

Chane Miller - $ 1,000.00

Hit em long and straight

Eric Ostenfeld - $ 300.00

Go Knights - Good Luck at Regionals!!!

Eric Reinhardt - $ 35.00

Just tap tap it in.

Myrna Bodner - $ 100.00

Best of luck on a swinging year! Grandma 💕

Paul Dickinson - $ 100.00

Becca - $ 20.00

Go Knights!

Ben Cowin - $ 100.00

Good luck Jake C!

Matt Whitney - $ 100.00

Have a great season!

George Reinhardt - $ 100.00

Good luck Knights

Bobbie Reinhardt - $ 100.00

Go Knights!!

Steve Glick - $ 50.00

Rex Reinhardt is my nephew

Bob and Janice Sznewajs - $ 100.00

Alex Reinhardt - $ 200.00

Go Knights and thank you coaches!

Erica Kuhl - $ 200.00

Go Knights!!

Charles Duprey - $ 100.00

go nic

Mary Sznewajs - $ 150.00

Great season

Robin Miller - $ 100.00

You ROCK Kaden! Love you Grammie & Pop

Lisa Miller - $ 250.00

Great season, Knights!

Ron - $ 100.00

Congratulations to Kaden on a great year. Grandma and Grandpa

Christina Parcells - $ 100.00

Jim Cappelletti - $ 50.00

Enjoy your season Love Nana&Grandpa

Erin Fulkerson Robbins - $ 500.00

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