Fairview Cheer Fundraiser

Fairview High School

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Fairview Cheer Fundraiser

 ~ Please Help Us to Make Our Goal ~ 

Although our season is just beginning we are trying to raise money to go to Nationals In February. Nationals will be in Orlando Florida February 9-12th      Watch Us Soar !

The Fairview High School cheerleading team exists to help develop  student-athletes while promoting good sportsmanship, character, and academic excellence.

All while supporting our school and community.

   Go Knights!   Thank YOU!

We Appreciate Your Support !


Go get em  

Carl and Sue...

You go, Lexi...  

Donald Ash

Shannon, hav...  

Donald Ash

Shannon, hav...  

Sara Epler

Saige - We a...  

Sondra L. As...

Glad to help...  

Chris Dryden

Good luck in...  

Christine Ga...

GO Saige! Ex...  

Kelli Norden...


Nicole Thomp...


Gail Schwart...

Good luck to...  

Russ Dryden


wendy LeBlan...

Good luck at...  

Kim Stewart

Show them yo...  




Happy cheerl...  

William Guer...

Go Knights  

Stephanie Br...


Becky Miller


Janice flick...

Good Luck in...  

Janice Guerr...

Go Audrey!!  

Beth Daugher...

Good Luck!!!  

Jesse Daughe...

Good luck!! ...  

Sara Epler


Eileen Quinl...

Caitlin.. ha...  

Adrian Hise

Have a great...  

Beth Farhart

Great luck C...  

Dafina Volko...

Good luck Sa...  

Sandy Sommer...

Have fun Cai...  

Chuck & Sara...

Sko Knights!  

Kris Brandfa...

Way to go Au...  

Tim Quinlan


Sarah Heline...

Go Quinn go!...  

Eric Laburda

Good luck La...  

Pat Dryden

Good luck Qu...  

Eric Laburda

And Gentleme...  

Kate Hise

Have a great...  

Zach Helinek

To Quinn and...  

Adam rich

Good Luck!!  

Christine He...

Quinn, have ...  

Keith Hagema...

Good Luck to...  

Chuck & Sara...

From Gran an...  

conor quinla...

Good luck Ca...  

Susanne Omlo...

Have fun!  

Michael Omlo...

Good Luck !  

Marjorie Joh...

Good luck, A...  

Craig Hoover

Go Caitlin!!...  

Amie Schwart...

Go Knights!!  

John Bauman

Good luck Ca...  

Brie Doyle

Good luck, C...  

Raman Singh

Keep sparkli...  


Good luck Aa...  

Joyce and Ri...

Love you Lex...  


Good luck Aa...  

Join our growing list of donors!

Anonymous - $ 50.00

Good luck Aanya and team!

Tavinder - $ 20.00

Good luck Aanya

Joyce and Richard Stewart - $ 100.00

Love you Lexi!

Raman Singh - $ 100.00

Keep sparkling!

Kim Stewart - $ 50.00

Show them your amazing spirit and spunk! Aunt Kim

Matt - $ 100.00

Go get em

wendy LeBlanc - $ 50.00

Good luck at Nationals!

Carl and Sue Panzarella - $ 100.00

You go, Lexi. Have great fun and make wonderful memories.

Russ Dryden - $ 50.00

Gail Schwarts - $ 100.00

Good luck to Fairview’s 2023 Cheer Team! Shannon’s Gigi and Cito

Nicole Thompson - $ 100.00

Kelli Nordenfelt - $ 50.00

Christine Gallagher - $ 100.00

GO Saige! Excited for your team to attend nationals!

Chris Dryden - $ 50.00

Good luck in the competitions!

Sondra L. Ash - $ 20.00

Glad to help you Shannon. Love from Nonnie

Sara Epler - $ 1,000.00

Saige - We are so PROUD of you!!! Grandma can't wait to watch you cheer! Love, Grandpa Steve and Grandma Connie

Donald Ash - $ 100.00

Shannon, have a great time and I hope you win. Love, Mom-Mom

Donald Ash - $ 100.00

Shannon, have fun in Orlando. Love, G-Pop

Brie Doyle - $ 50.00

Good luck, Cora Rose!

John Bauman - $ 50.00

Good luck Caitlin!

Amie Schwartz - $ 50.00

Go Knights!!

Craig Hoover - $ 50.00

Go Caitlin!!! Craig & Jeanne

Marjorie Johnson - $ 25.00

Good luck, Audrey!!

Michael Omlor - $ 100.00

Good Luck !

Susanne Omlor - $ 100.00

Have fun!

conor quinlan - $ 25.00

Good luck Caitlin & team!!

Chuck & Sarah Bird - $ 100.00

From Gran and Papa, Have a great season!

Keith Hageman - $ 100.00

Good Luck to Saige and all her teamates

Adam rich - $ 100.00

Good Luck!!

Zach Helinek - $ 50.00

To Quinn and all of her teammates, jump for joy! Lol ~ Uncle Zachy, Aunt Meggie, and cousins Lucas and Lizy. We love you!!!!!!!!!

Christine Helinek - $ 100.00

Quinn, have a wonderful season! love,Mimi and Daddy Ger

Kate Hise - $ 75.00

Have a great season! Sko Knights and good luck Audrey!

Eric Laburda - $ 25.00

And Gentlemen!

Eric Laburda - $ 100.00

Good luck Ladys!!

Anonymous - $ 50.00

Good luck Quinn

Sarah Helinek - $ 50.00

Go Quinn go!! We love you! Aunt Sarah & Uncle Jason

Eileen Quinlan - $ 100.00

Caitlin.. have fun at nationals!!

Tim Quinlan - $ 20.00

Kris Brandfass - $ 50.00

Way to go Audrey! We love supporting your efforts!!

Chuck & Sarah Bird - $ 100.00

Sko Knights!

Sandy Sommers - $ 150.00

Have fun Caitlin!

Dafina Volkov - $ 50.00

Good luck Saige & Fairview HS Cheer!

Beth Farhart - $ 100.00

Great luck Caitlin and the entire cheerleading squad!

Adrian Hise - $ 25.00

Have a great time, Audrey!

Sara Epler - $ 100.00

Jesse Daugherty - $ 50.00

Good luck!! <3

Beth Daugherty - $ 100.00

Good Luck!!!

Janice Guerrette - $ 50.00

Go Audrey!!

Janice flickner - $ 100.00

Good Luck in cheer.

Becky Miller - $ 25.00

Stephanie Brillhart - $ 25.00

Anonymous - $ 20.00

Go Knights

James - $ 100.00

Happy cheerleading Makayla!

Anonymous - $ 20.00

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                                                                                          Excellence and equity ...that is our promise.

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